Natalie O. Nguyen

Portfolio of Selected Work
Amy's Soup Cans Redesign, Three can stack by Natalie O. Nguyen

Year: 2015
Made for: Personal/Student

Amy's Soup Cans Redesign

This is a conceptual redesign of the packaging for Amy's Kitchen brand soups, created with the goal of increasing its appeal to parents and children. It uses colorful illustration—inspired by the work of Utako Yamada—and hand-rendered typography to add a nostalgic and charming dimension to the product line. A consistent layout using simple shapes was applied to the labels to create unity and allude to the idea of the soup label as an iconic visual artifact.

Concept Development, Print Layout, Package Design, Illustration: Ink & Digital, Lettering

Amy's Soup Cans Redesign, Cream of Tomato Soup can detail by Natalie O. Nguyen Amy's Soup Cans Redesign, No Chicken Noodle Soup can front and sides by Natalie O. Nguyen Amy's Soup Cans Redesign, Alphabet Soup can front and back by Natalie O. Nguyen