Natalie O. Nguyen

Portfolio of Selected Work
Instructional Sewing Books & Patterns, Nancy's Notions books by Natalie O. Nguyen

Year: 2011–2014
Made for: Nancy's Notions and Mary Mulari

Instructional Sewing Books & Patterns

From 2011–2014, I completed layouts and technical illustrations for a number of instructional project books, patterns, and other printed how-to materials for Nancy's Notions. Covers were created under the direction of the Art and Marketing departments. (Content © Nancy's Notions.)

The instructional book below was created on a freelance basis for Mary Mulari. A legible script typeface for the headlines, bright colors, and a friendly serif body typeface were employed to create a fresh, funky feel that still effectively conveyed the information. I directed and styled the photography. (Content © Mary Mulari; photographs © Dale Hall.)

Concept Development, Print Layout, Pattern Design, Illustration: Digital & Mixed Media

Instructional Sewing Books & Patterns, Applique Large and Small front cover by Natalie O. Nguyen Instructional Sewing Books & Patterns, Applique Large and Small interior spread by Natalie O. Nguyen